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2017-02-12 23:20:58 by PsychoZombii

I've been super depressed lately. crying a lot and feeling bad for myself. it sucks ass, really.

first and foremost, my older brother died. he didn't make it to 2017, but he still went out with a happy heart. i cried a lot. i cried HARD. i got depressed.

next, i got my heart broken by a woman i loved more than myself and i fell into an even DEEPER depression. im still crying a lot over her. i'm mad at her because i gave up a lot for her and even turned some friends into enemies because of her. that being said, at the same time i feel like i deserve better, BUT at the same time i feel like i couldnt find better. you dont find many short cute girls who would love a short nerd like me. honestly, breaking every limb in my body would be less painful than this. 

lastly, i'm so depressed that i'm making mistakes when it comes to getting a job, which makes me unable to get a job, and in turn makes me more depressed. i've cried 3-4 times today thinking about all of this. my life is not going how i wanted it to go. but i'm slowly trying to break out of the depression. it all starts with working harder to get a career. career = money, and with money, a lot of things become possible, like leading a healthier lifestyle, fixing my car, and getting my own place. maybe meeting new people in person will make me feel better. whoever said money cant buy happiness was misguided.

well, if you read all this, thank you for reading my rant. i needed to write it all down and let it out.

its my birthday

2015-11-12 02:29:45 by PsychoZombii

someone turn back time pls i want to be a baby again


growing up SUCKS


2014-12-19 09:25:43 by PsychoZombii

heeeeey youuuu guuuuuuys!

i wonder how many people got that reference lol.

anyway how's it goin' NG? I got tired of looking at my last post so i thought i'd give an update.

my school's fall semester is finally over!! i can breathe now!

i'll be spending this time programming my ass off and watching/playing as many anime/video games as i possibly can.

so yeah if anyone's up for playing video games with me (PS4, PS3, Wii U, 3DS, or Steam),

or maybe even doing some personal programming jams sometime, just shoot me a PM!

also shoot me a PM if you want some anime recommendations, cause i have pretty good taste :>



later doods!


2014-11-12 23:45:37 by PsychoZombii

hey ng today was the worst birthday
i couldnt even relax as much as i wanted cause i had skewl
didnt program that much nor did i play any video games
and i had a test in algebra class which i'm pretty sure i failed
at the end of the day i laughed and blazed it with my friend which was prob the highest point of my day
she's so cute

anyway i just finished listening to music on with some of my friends. nice way to end a gross day :>

well i'm 19 now. weird

so, how've you guys been??

Hey NG

2014-03-23 17:52:10 by PsychoZombii

I haven't made a post in a while so i figured i should ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Hows it going, doods?

NG makes me ROCK HARD

2014-01-22 22:51:25 by PsychoZombii

I've been visiting this site since like 2006 (even though my join date is like 2009),

and so i've come to respect NG as a community project.

it's come so far...and I along with it.

I remember me being an immature and terrible kid, now that i look back to those old days...

anyway NG has evolved into something much greater that what it used to be, and i totally respect tom and the staff for coming this far. 2 thousand and mother-fucking 14 baby.


TL;DR:, you are my waifu. ❤

this is kanbaru, the slutty animu personification of NG. she totally fits.


Taking a step back.

2013-09-26 23:12:13 by PsychoZombii

As NG user MintPaw so gracefully pointed out,
The way I've been coding is messy.
I've been making necessary mistakes,
and this brought me to the realization;
I need to take a step back.
I need to totally rewrite this code.
I need to learn more about how to do certain things in AS3,
and how to prevent certain mistakes.
I need to be MLC pro like MintPaw.

Sorry guys but it's gotta be done.
don't expect anything much too soon lol.
; _ ;


Taking a step back.

H.S.A.Y Info + Screenies

2013-08-03 17:54:51 by PsychoZombii

I said HSAY would be done in a few weeks, but truth is, I've been working on another project. However, I've recently been working on HSAY a little bit more, as I want to have at least one game uploaded to ease the wait for my action/adventure/platformer game. Just to show you that I've been working, I've included a few screenies, so please bear with me!


H.S.A.Y Info + Screenies

Which is really just my obnoxious way of saying:
"I've been learning AS3 faster than I thought I would, lol."

So I have finally learned enough AS3 to make a few types of games,
and I think it's time to upload my first AS3 project.
It's nothing more than a quiz game,
but I've added a few treats like a custom medalget system,
and some fun super minigames.
This game is actually part 3 in a series of quiz games I made,
but part 1+2 were deleted because of my embarrassment of the younger me.
mistakes you make when you're young kills you when you see them yourself, lol.
Anyway this game is only meant to be a stepping stone,
and I plan to finish it in a few weeks.
After this, I'll move on to something much bigger:
My Action/ Adventure/ platformer game I've been talking about.
Granted everything goes as planned, of course.
It shall have tons of gameplay,
great music,
a nice storyline (might need a good animator for this one),
and I'm even planning to have DLC event challenges.
I may or may not cut out that idea though.

Anyway, look forward to H.S.A.Y. 3!

The accelerated velocity of terminological knowledge acquisition!

Making the change: AS3

2013-01-28 16:36:53 by PsychoZombii

I've finally decided to hop off the AS2 train and start learning AS3.
It's a shame, because I've finally learned alot of as2.
I hear AS3 is similar in a lot of ways, so there should be no problems.
I also hear the code takes much more lines than AS2. Not something I'm looking forward to...
But I am looking forward to the more refined code,
and more features.
Oh, those features take the cake indeed.
I'm still working on that Action/Adventure/Platformer game I said I was,
But It's gonna have to make the change too.
So, there will be some delay.
No doubt NG is gonna be the first place I upload it to!
Learning AS3 is gonna be great, granted I focus and be consistent.
I'm gonna have fun with this.