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Posted by PsychoZombii - January 20th, 2019


early 2017, i was in a bad place. a really bad place. happy to say that things got much better after that! and then things got bad again...but now its all just okay i guess? so here's a summary.

bascally, after my last post, my highschool crush came back into my life. we started dating and she ook all the pain away. everything was smooth. i had finally gotten a job and made some money, fixed my car, and started having fun! but that was short lived. me and her ran into problems. and over the course of about a year and change (almost 2) the relationship slowly died, with intermittent happiness. so thats a bummer.

in between all of that though, and after working and saving and focusing on my girlfriend at the time for the rest of 2017, i moved back to New York City, my hometown, from New Jersey, to start my life as an adult in January 2018. in order to get on my feet, i crashed with a few family members and started working at an amusement park (coney island/ luna park for those of you that know about it) in Brooklyn, NY around the end of February/Beginning of March 2018. met some people and had a lot of fun! but i had to keep moving forward.

after only a couple months and a bunch of job searching and resume editing, i got a job working for Dell repairing computers for tons of big businesses, and it's the best job i could've asked for so early in my lifetime! getting great experience from it too. i got offered a job from google, but they wanted me to move to california, and i just couldnt. my whole family is here on the east coast, mostly in NYC. it was too hard! but anyways, i started making decent money with Dell, and i finally got my own place! im renting a room in Harlem and im comfortable for the time being.

now, im just working and trying to experiment with technology. I modded my GBA to use a Dualshock 3 battery and micro USB charger, I modded my 3DS to use the same charger, built my own desktop computer using XBOX 360 parts and some random parts i had lying around (which ironically is running Arch Linux) and a few more projects in the works. i've been thinking about my ex a little bit and been depressed, but my hate for her (and the idea that i should stay away from relationships for a while), my job, and my hobbies have been my saving graces. i stopped programming for a little while because of my depression and things, but im slowly starting again. same with socializing on the internet-- hoping to get aquainted with all the new technologies, and new people, as soon as possible! wish me luck!!



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That's amazing, dude! Great to hear you're doing well.